those 5 minutes!

those 5 mins. were heaven for me that you donated to me. you made me feel there could never be a better 5 mins. than those 5 mins. although, I didn’t say anything worthwhile and asked anything worthwhile. but, still those 5 mins were heaven for me. you created magic for me in those moments. the wait for you was everyday an infinite longing; with every breath I took, only you were on my mind. before going to sleep and after waking up… you were the first person to come in my thoughts. I never thought I could see you again..and when I saw you, I couldn’t believe that I was seeing you.. I stood spellbound for a minute or so. When you were talking to a friend on phone for almost 7-10 min., those 10 mins. were so tough for me, so harsh on me.. I can’t say in words. I was so anxious, I was so nervous, I was so excited. when you saw me and pointed towards me… that was heaven for me. Infact, you’re heaven for me, you’re peace for me… you’re everything to me!

yet, I know I may never meet you again! I may never see you again. I’m a little person who doesn’t deserve a sweet and beautiful person like you. BUT, still when I’m with you there is nothing better for me. I’m not a good talker, I can’t even tell properly what I feel for you. that is why I write.. and I write from the bottom of my heart!

you’re like a sweet dream for me. I know this can’t become true. BUT, I’m thankful to God and to you that I met you, that I had such an out of the world dream. such an experience! at first there was a sense of loss that I couldn’t be with you. But, I understood later- a dream is just a dream.. a sweet and beautiful dream is to be rejoiced and to be happy about. and I’m really happy and thankful to you.

I’ll always like you. I’ll always admire you and you’ll be valued by me always. I ‘ll really hope that you find a “Man” who loves, adores and values you more than me. I’ll indeed be very happy for you. your happiness is the only thing that matters to me.

the good wishes that you gave me will always be in my heart. and I’ll give my best to achieve my aim. I find myself more strong now and I WILL realise my dreams. thank you very much for being so kind to me ! As always I say there is no one in this whole world like you for me. your kindness and smile will always remain in my heart!

your’s always.

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